Hello there,

my name is Julien Debrauwer. 

As a jukebox, I’ll share you the song of my story. That song talks about a huge music lover, quite ragtag. A person who likes to laugh and share with people. A person who, with curiosity, likes discovering new things. Would you be part of that story ?

Photo Julien Debrauwer


You want to see my work ?

Since I joined the Web & Mobile specialisation, I had the opportunity to work on several projects, in group or alone. 

Check out my work. 


You are looking for an intern ?

I am french and I am studying Web & Mobile design in Belgium. I am about to be graduate next year and for that, I am looking for an internship. If you are interested, you are at the good place !

Download my CV by clicking here. 

You can join me right here!

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